Fibroids Diet: Recommended Foods for Prevention and Management

By | December 24, 2013

Have you been diagnosed with fibroids? These non-cancerous tumors in a woman’s uterus are quite common and should thus be prevented as much as possible in order to avoid complications and adverse health risks. If you already have them, though, it’s best to manage them in different ways.

One remarkable way to prevent fibroids from developing and to manage existing ones is through the proper fibroids diet. What foods should you be eating?

Reduction of Red Meat

According to the US Health Department, one important item that you ought to take out from or at least significantly reduce in your diet is red meat. Examples of red meat are lamb, pork, and beef. Ham is another type of meat that you must try to eliminate. These are considered factors that can heighten the risk of fibroids development.

Increased Intake of Green Vegetables

You know those leafy, green vegetables? It’s highly important for you to eat more of them for your fibroids diet. Throw in some recipes that make use of a lot of green beans, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. These will certainly be a great help to make sure you stay healthier without any risks posed by the existence of fibroids.

Why don’t you try to include a salad in each meal that you eat per day? That will do wonders for your fibroids diet! At least you will not need to worry so much about the negative impact of these tumors in your uterus. You can keep them from growing too big or from multiplying and thus causing problems.

Elimination of High Fat, Sugar, and Caffeine

If you’re fond of foods that are high in fat, sugar, and caffeine, it’s time to practice self-control and discipline. After all, these foods are known to aggravate the condition of fibroids and to increase the chances of development if you don’t have them already.

Indeed the fibroids diet is basically just eating healthier options. Take note of the specific foods you must eat more of and avoid, so that you can prevent and manage fibroids.